Daniel P. Loher

Director of Photography / Steadicam


The Slingshot is a great support and companion for all types of Gimbals.

It's an excellent support so you can shoot the entire day with very little strain. The Slingshot can be set up so you can go from extremely low to very high shots in one move.
The Slingshot also absorbs most of the vertical movement which is usually a problem with Gimbals when walking.
The slingshot needs to be used with one of Walter Klassen's back mounted vests. If you already have one for Steadicam work, the sling shot is a great add-on for Gimbal work.
I am not selling the Vest as it is custom fit and I am using it for Steadicam work.
Included with the Slingshot are various bands for different camera weights. They are brand new.
A set of extension poles for high and low shots is also included. They are laid out for use with the Maxima Gimbal. I can't guarantee the fit with other gimbals.
The Slingshot has hardly been used. It's in an excellent, almost new condition.

Buyer pays shipping.

€. 3600 ,- + VAT / MwSt.
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